Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Urban Theorists Miss a Lot

Ian Barnett has a nice piece up
over at his blog, Wildscribbler:

Revolution and consequent urbanisation of Britain has left a legacy of a few generations of citizen who are totally detached from the traditions of rural life, farming and hunting. Miseducated now by the sanitised portrayal of wildlife, they are beyond hope. Due to the mind-bending of animal and bird charities (helped by a willing media), we have stumbled beyond ‘Disneyfication’ and plunged over the same precipice as Bambi’s father. Those who have never felt hunger will never appreciate where food comes from. Those who have never had to catch, harvest and prepare their own meal will never understand the concept of hunter / gatherer. Those who have never had to protect a herd or crop will never sympathise with the need to cull nuisance or predatory species.

Read the whole thing and look around his blog. Ian is a photographer, among other things, and that's his picture at top.  Very nice work, and I am adding his blog to my feed.

Are there other blogs and web sites I am missing? Post them in the comments if so!

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P3D said...


Take a look at the link below titled "Terriermans Countryside"

If the hunting and the rural community could pool our resources
and frame the discussion to enlighten and inform perhaps we could
carve out a path for the future.