Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Real Deal Rises

Robert Reich
, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, and one of the greatest political and economic minds in this countrywrites:

What amazes me, frankly, are the crowds. Not since Robert F. Kennedy sought the Democratic nomination in 1968 has a candidate for the nomination of either party generated such large numbers of people eager to see and listen to him. None in living memory has summoned such crowds this early, before the nominating season even begins. Even Sanders' advisers are amazed (I spoke with one this morning who said they never expected this kind of response).

What's the explanation? It's not his sense of humor. It's not his youth. He isn't a demagogue, bashing immigrants or pandering to hatred and bigotry. It's that he's telling Americans the unvarnished truth about what has happened to our economy and our democracy, and he is posing real solutions. And it seems that America is ready to listen.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is drawing enormous crowds, even in Arizona.


jeffrey thurston said...

Being the real deal he's actually against a lot of gun control too...

Ian Logan said...

Sounds like Bernie would do well in the SNP. ;-)

I think part of it at least is that people around the western world be it America, Greece, or Scotland are getting more than a bit fed up with "The Elite" eg bankers and politicians aided and abetted by a compliant media telling us that austerity is the only game in town. So many people in low paid jobs are suffering while the "Elite" wallow in huge bonuses and pay rises. The UK parliament recently voted themselves a 7% pay rise while limiting public sector pay rises to 1%.

Slightly related. Here in the UK the Labour party already in utter meltdown after their defeat at the recent general election go even further down in peoples estimation as it looks like (heaven forbid) a socialist might actually win the leadership election on the member vote. This is what happens when a political party gets infested with oxbridge educated career politicians that have never done a real days work.

jeff hays said...

Not a big lover of politics,per , but I can't wait for The Big debate between Bernie and BillBillery
Probably will be epic!