Tuesday, July 21, 2015

David Attenborough to Narrate "The Hunt"

From the BBC
comes this bit of news:

Sir David Attenborough is to narrate The Hunt, a BBC series from the team behind the corporation's hugely successful Planet Earth programmes.

The Hunt will explore the relationship between predators and their prey, and what strategies they use to either catch or avoid each other.

Each episode, to be shown on BBC One, will be based on a habitat, ranging from open grasslands and dense forests to the Arctic and the open oceans.

And will humans be included in this series too? One would hope so. David Attenborough's video of a persistence hunt (below) is certainly worthy!

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jeffrey thurston said...

The video is beautiful on many levels- my favorite being that it's a sharp rebuke to all the maroons wearing Five Toe barefoot gear! The first thing "primitive" man does when he can is to put on a pair of old crappy running shoes. The video is like watching the past kinda- it's plucks at atavistic feelings down somewhere...