Thursday, June 04, 2015

Unclear on the Concept

Eggs are not a vegetable and there is no such thing as a "vegetarian" egg, any more than there is a vegetarian steak, lamb chop, or bucket of chicken.

Egg laying hens are killed, normally at two years of age, and typically turned into chicken stock or dog food.


PipedreamFarm said...

Besides that, chickens are omnivores; readily eating meat (rodents, other chickens, etc.) insects, berries, eggs, carrion, plants, etc.

HotFlashHomestead said...

Hens are not killed at one year of age, not sure where you heard that but having grown up in a town that has numerous egg production facilities, I know it's not correct. Hens actually don't really hit their laying prime until they are about one year old. They start to decline between two and three years of age, which is when most factory farms dispatch them. As far as the push towards the vegetarian advertising, many vegetarians only eat unfertilized eggs. Plus with the Mad Cow scare, sometimes producers want to point out that the animal has not eaten any meat products. Chickens will naturally eat lizards, mice and any other meat they can get to, but production hens are kept on a vegetarian diet so their eggs can be sold as not coming from a meat-eating animal. In other words, "No prions here."

Ruth Hansell said...

Pipedream Farm beat me to it.

PBurns said...

Thanks Hotflash -- I corrected it between when I wrote it and now. Had it right elsewhere on the blog, but typed in a number as placeholder last night and forgot it was going to post this morning without correction. Whoops!