Monday, June 15, 2015

The Greyhound Bus Goes One Way

The Craig's List ad in Topeka, Kansas reads:

Trailer, Stainles Steel, Generator - $14,500
This trailer was used in the greyhound industry. It will hold 100 dogs at a time. The rear of trailer is has a 30kw generator to power (2) 5 tons a/c units. The generator makes power the a/c units need work. The outer skin is stainless steel sheets. It is insulated and has been sprayed with a bedliner coating. I am willing to sell as is or part out. This original trailer was a livestock trailer.

Not said is that this trailer was most likely a one way bus for most of the dogs.

Beginning in the late 1940s, greyhounds were bred in Kansas and Nebraska at big puppy mills, and were then trucked to tracks in Florida where, if they dogs did not win at least one race in their first half dozen starts, they were sold to research labs or got a bullet to the brain.

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