Monday, June 15, 2015

Meanwhile, in America...

A man in Florida
startled a raccoon near a lagoon in Florida, and the raccoon ran out onto a log that turned out to be an alligator at the water's edge.

In New York City, the police were called when a man from Ecudador was found roasting a guinea pig in Prospect Park. The guinea pig was being roasted on a 4-foot wooden skewer over a barbecue grill, and the man was grilling it in one of the park's designated barbecue areas. Though popular as pets in the United States, guinea pigs are a common food in Ecuador, and there is not law against eating them in the U.S.


jeff hays said...

They are damn tasty too, having eaten a few this a first hand opinion.
They are very similar to rabbit and much milder than ground hog, which are not very good unless you know how to clean them, glands impart a nasty taste. Another tasty under used creature is Nutria, also much like rabbit.
I DO draw the line at bugs though, just can't get past the gag response,sorry. I was offered roasted tarantula on a jungle trip, could not get there!

Mary Pang said...

I can't eat bugs either but are they really that different to crabs or shrimp?
I saw some kids on tv hunting and cooking tarantula. Apparently they're delicious, you missed out!

jeff hays said...

The native americans used to catch huge numbers of locusts when they swarmed, roasted them and they kept for long period like Jerky. Land Shrimp?
The gag response is too strong in my irish anglo mind, I may be missing out, LOL. We dive for lobster here on the east coast and do you know what the diver slang for lobster is? Yep, BUGS !