Monday, June 01, 2015

Lady Gaga Dog Food to Gag-Gag Your Dog

"Lady Gagga" is not a looker, cannot sing without an auto-tuner, and ripped off most of her marketing theatrics from Madonna.

Apparently, her idea of an ideal pet dog is the brachycephalic mutant known as the French Bulldog.

Never mind.

"Lady Gaga" has now decided her new business venture is to be in doggy -wear and dog food, and never mind if she knows little to nothing about dogs or nutrition -- other people will design the clothes and make the dog food, and she will simply hang her name on the goods, same as Dick Van Patten and Bret Michaels.

Look for both the clothes and the dog food to gag-gag any dog put in front of them.

The clothes "Lady Gaga" has shown so far are all serious choking hazard, while the dog food is said to be "organic grain-free local farm ingredients."

And no, the dog food will not be "local farm ingredients," so you have ALREADY been lied to. 

Still want to play?


5string said...

Perhaps a meat sweater for doggies to copy her meat dress from 2010.
"Be the most popular pooch at the dog park. Get yours today!"

Barb Young said...

With you on every point except that Gaga can sing. Her performances, pre-Lady Gaga, and her performances with Tony Bennett attest to that. I believe the article you posted was her lamenting that the use of auto tuning actually compromised the sound and presentation of her voice to some degree. As for the boutique dog food market, it's amazing even more people with extra money to invest don't jump on the band wagon. Consumers have proven their gullibility in trying to prove their love and dedication to their pets in ways that don't require much in the way of time or effort.