Friday, June 26, 2015

Forty Years After Stonewall: Marriage Equality

These are all the states where BOTH gay AND hetero marriage is legal.

THE STONEWALL RIOT was 40 years ago this weekend.

Let that bubble through the gravel of your brain, and remember that it was the POLICE that decided to bash the gays.

It was the POLICE that swung the batons, that smashed the windows, that arrested and rousted people who just wanted to be left alone.

Now remember that nothing changes until people are willing to die to force change.

What changed 40 years ago was that citizens who were sick and tired of being abused and shaken down for protection money stood up against the POLICE and chased them down and forced them to retreat in terror.

Queens in high heels and purses did that. Leather boys, queers, sissies, faeries, and butch dykes did that.

God bless every one of them. On that night, they were the best America had to offer, fighting the worst, and they won.

Never forget that. 

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Thank You.