Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Magic Dust

Magic dust found in aisle #3 at Pet Smart. Notice that it works for everything: inappapropriate marking, excessive barking, and chewing!  And did you notice that it is "veterinarian formulated?" You pay extra for that!


jeff hays said...

Actually the price is quite low if it is a pheremone analog product.
I took in a rescue dog after my other one passed away, he had hyperactivity, object guarding, and stealing issues. I tried everthing including pheremone analogs, can't say they worked or not.
6 months in and a castration and he is a changed dog, not 100% but getting better.The 24/7 interaction and the lessening hormones are the major factor,not any magic product .
I never refilled my diffuser after the 2'nd month if that means anything .

PBurns said...

None of this stuff is FDA approved. That tells you something. Because it is not FDA approved, there is no standard or look-see for what is even in the box. Most of this stuff is ground up field flowers, same as the herbal crap they sell in supplement stores, which also does not contain what it says on the box. And that's for humans! See >> http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/02/03/gnc-target-wal-mart-walgreens-accused-of-selling-fake-herbals/

For dogs, selling magic dust is a safe way to rip off the rubes. What law was broken? Packaging? Ha! Show me the fines and the jail time for that.

Yes, neuter can often work. Training works. Placebos too can work. But is this stuff better than placebos? No evidence. The "big studies" here have about 20 dogs in them, and are done in places like South Korea, where lab fraud is rampant and whatever result you want is for sale.

jeff hays said...

Stuff I used for trial testing ( or was it desperation ?) contained 2 % Pheremone analog and cost WAY more that the ten bucks in your JPEG.
As I said , lacking any evidence of efficacy, I discontinued the use of this DAP product. Just for laughter, the product costs roughly $50.00 in the New England area pet supply stores, and naturally I bought it only because it was half price, LOL.
This rescue dog was bought from an Amish dog breeder found on the internet, shipped here, and the poor guy was put in a CAGE ( not a crate) all day until the kids got home. The teenagers spent a couple hours rough housing and wrestling with the dog, and Mom and Dad came home to a crazy out of control puppy. I was introduced to the family by a local rescue group and took him in. He was a mess! I actually had to teach him to give kisses ( rather than bite and wrestle ) sit ,stay , etc as he had NO training at all at 6 months.
The DAP was just a part of the puzzle to try to recover the dog, a project that is going well now 6 months in. I am very tempted to try the newer E collar on him, I was around when the very first collars were marketed and did not like the head jerking and obvious pain from the first versions and quickly gave them up. I am assuming they have been vastly improved.

I used to train gun dogs years ago and swear with the prey drive this supposed lap dog has I could make a great upland bird gun dog out of him!