Monday, May 25, 2015

Let's Kill All the Dogs So They Won't Eat Meat

RSPCA members will vote to fill five of 25 seats on council this month, and there are just eight candidates.

One candidate is dangerous idiot John Bryant, who has previously been on the RSPCA board and is a former chief officer of the League Against Cruel Sports. He say he wants all dogs and cats spayed and neutered, and he wants to abolish all pet ownership completely. He has compared owning dogs and cats to owning slaves.

Another certifiable loon and budget killer is Peta Watson-Smith, a vegan, who has compared the raising of farm animals to the Nazi holocaust. Speaking to The Times, she said: "I don't think people always appreciate what is the holocaust going on behind closed doors. You talk about the Jews."

Also standing for election are Dr Dan Lyons and Angela Roberts who run the Centre for Animals and Social Justice in Sheffield and who have suggested that seats should be reserved in parliament for representatives elected solely to represent animals.

However the vote goes, at least one or more of these people are going to be part of the inbred cabal of nut jobs, con men, grifters, liars, and direct mail profiteers ripping off old ladies in order to wage war on those who raise animals for the table and manage wildlife for sustainability.

As I have noted in the past, the national RSCA raises vast sums of money under the pretense of helping homeless dogs and cats, but they spend almost nothing on that mission.

Most of the money raised by the RSPCA goes to fund more dunning notices and solicitation letters.


Gaddy Bergmann said...

The extreme positions involved in animal ethics never cease to amaze me. On the one hand you have psychos in South Korea who hang and whip dogs before killing and eating them because they think this will make them taste better. You also have nut ball kennel club types who think that inbreeding dogs until they look like sick cats is a good idea. Then on the other side, you have extremists like John Bryant, who wants to outlaw pets altogether, and Peta Watson-Smith, who thinks that meat is murder.

What ever happened to just taking care of animals so they're healthy, and utilizing them in an ethical manner? I'll be the first to say that some animals were simply not meant to be kept as pets. And of course, pet overpopulation is a problem. But keeping dogs and cats is a wonderful idea for both people and animals, so long as the animals are treated well. And eating prey species is healthy for people, and ethical for the animals, again as long as they are not cramped or abused.

jeff hays said...

You are pissing into the wind my friend.
KEEP WRITING but as in all things don't expect much in the way of transformation.
My experience is these people left the dock on their journey and will not return,our job it seems is to lessen the number of passengers on their doomed excursion into lunacy or intolerance.
They're can have my leash when they pry it from my cold dead hand.

PBurns said...

Actually, the RSPCA is breaking up and IS transforming.

They have said they are going to stop fox hunting prosecutions, their top managers have quit wholesale, their income has plunged.

The Countryside Alliance in the UK has itself noted that the RSPCA is at a crossroads. See >>

This has not been a miracle, but the work of people writing and educating both in the UK and outside.