Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

You know what I like?  I like being right!

Back in December of 2012, I sent a note to Dave Mason down in Tennessee that said

I know a very, very solid fellow who is a professional dog trainer who is looking for a Patterdale pup... This fellow's name is Josh Moran, and he's in Buffalo, New York, but has come down digging with me, and he's a solid citizen who puts dogs first.

I told Dave that any pup that went to Josh would be treated like a king and would become famous too.

Now comes word that Josh and the pup -- now a young adult Patterdale by the name of Sif (the Norse goddess of earth for you who are unwashed in the berry juice of the hedge), are the new featured small dog trainers at Leerburg. Perfect! 

A perfect pair.

Congratulations to Josh and Sif, a perfect pair.  And Dave, I told you he would do right by the dog and make that dog famous.  Amiright or amiright?

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