Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's All Going to Pot

Willie and Merle say the world is going to pot. Yep, I think it is. I am pretty sure a lot of the medications folks are taking now could simply be replaced with a little pot of one kind or another. 

I'm a coffee pot guy, and I am not shy about letting my freak flag fly on that score, but the other stuff seems to work for other things, and for a heck of a lot of people too. Legalize it!  The Libertarians are right on this one.


Gaddy Bergmann said...

Agreed. I personally want nothing to do with marijuana, but I'm glad it was legalized here in Colorado, if only at the municipal and state levels. As long as people aren't smoking it around me or driving "dirty" (under the influence), I think they should be able to smoke it if they want to. Ditto for cigarettes and alcohol, really. I don't partake, and don't want to be around it, but it's none of my business if people use them and aren't endangering anyone else in the process.

jeff hays said...

Pot was used as a cudgel to beat on black people, as Blacks were the primary users of this weed when it was made illegal.
Schedule 1 Drug indeed, the government actually has a patent on medical uses which it tried to keep secret until it could be sold.
I believe the dam has burst on this one, hard to put this genie back in the bottle