Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Small Tools for Everyday Carry

The Extended KeySmart looks like a nice bit of kit.  I considered saving a few bucks and getting a folding hex key set and modifying it by substituting keys for the tools, but decided it was easier to just pay the extra $10 or so and get something that was a little sleeker, and with an attachment for a lanyard and my car key remote. Ordered!

I have also ordered a Gerber Curve Keychain Tool which has good reviews and a good price ($8 with free shipping with Prime).

I have also ordered a replacement Utilikey which has come in handy in the past. ($6.07 with free shipping with Prime).

The Gerber Shard and various Leatherman tools are often recommended, but the former is too little, and the latter is too much.

My favorite "every day carry" is my #8 Opinel knife.  Best thing ever (though there are several other Opinel products I covet).

I have put Atwood Knives / Tools in my blog feed to see what cool tools he might come up with next.  Seriously clever, and a reminder that the world is full of cool people making cool tools.

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M said...

That is some neat stuff to maybe add to the pack.
Late last fall I picked up a bison x stream pod as an odds and ends kit to add to the light pack I take fishing and scouting. Very lightweight and even if I ever only someday need the paracord for a quick dogleash it was still a decent investment.