Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Opus est Aliqua Rerum Occidi


Gaddy Bergmann said...

If I may translate:

"Work is like a thing of death."

"May the earth rest lightly upon you [in your grave]."

What's with all this talk of death, Terrierman? Or are you just thinking of the untimely demise of your terriers' fossorial prey?

PBurns said...

Some things need killing. Family motto. Make it swift and wish it well, but do not dawdle about it if the work needs to be done.The inability of people to come to terms with death is a central burden of the modern world, driving up health care costs, leaving pain and misery, and prolonging war. It also results in folks not coming to terms with things that need ending.

Rick said...

My Mother, in her final months of breast cancer and alzheimers, joked that she wished she were a dog, so that we could just put her down, and get it over with. I'm not sure she was joking, though.

jdlvtrn said...

I never saw etching on a humble Opinel.