Saturday, March 07, 2015

I Have Concerns

I'm not sure America is ready for a woman President.

I mean, what has she really done? What do we really know about her? Do we even know where she was born, or whether she's a Christian?

I'm not sexist. I have women friends. Some of them might even be qualified some day.

Besides, she's not even a full-blooded woman; her father was a man.

I think folks are just jumping on the bandwagon for the novelty. I'm more broad-minded than that. The real sexists are those who are going to vote for her. They're discriminating against men. It's reverse discrimination, and it's got to stop.

A woman's time will come. But not now. Not this one. Maybe in 2020 or 2024.

Or maybe never. I mean, what's wrong with never? Do we really want a woman next to the Red Button when that time of the month rolls around? Good lord!

And how will she ever be able to sit down with world leaders, especially in the Middle East?

And Commander in Chief? We don't even let women have combat positions in the military!

No, this is too much too fast. This is women being pushy, and it's time we all pushed back. That's what our Founding Fathers did.

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CrlWln said...

And said father wasn't a real man because his mother was a woman. Go figure.