Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Doubling Down on Good Dog Training Tech

I like my one-dog minEducator collar from E-Collar Technologies so much that I sprang for a two-dog model.

This collar is made in America, has 100-gradiants of "blunt" stim, plus a vibration-tapping mode, and comes with a two-year warranty.

I have never needed to raise the stim beyond 7 or 8 (I cannot feel 5), but there is an adjustable boost level (up to +60), which I have set to plus 10 (a total of 18).

The "set and lock" stim feature means each dog can get its own custom stim calibration.

The collars are 100% water proof and shock-resistant, and separate dog buttons allow for instant control of both dogs simultaneously.

The collars are turned on and off with a magnetic switch, and the transmitter can also turn on a blinking light or continuous light on the collar to help see the dogs if I work them at night.

A few minutes of focused attention with the manual and I understood how the transmitter on the 2-dog model is slightly different than the 1-dog model I have been using. With one collar on each ankle, I had a little fun working the controls!

Since I have had great success with the 1-dog model training each pup one-at-a-time, I expect this 2-dog model will carry us forward without too much of a hitch in our giddy-up.  All good!

Ordered from Amazon at 8 pm Saturday might, and delivered by the postman on Monday. Amazing!

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