Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pretenders in the Show Ring


jeffrey thurston said...

Weird that the Wire-haired Fox Terrier is just a JRT gone awry. The ones I've petted around here seem to have lost the wire hair to boot! They were softer and silkier than my rough coat JRT who literally has hair like wire. Weird also that the breed club can't just see how far away from functionality they've gone. Dog breeding is like a branch of the art of sculpture. It's funny how once the illusion is broken one can but feel sorry for many purebreed dogs and their owners. Kind of like a reverse snobbery.

seeker said...

Its just sad. Poor dogs. And what is wrong with the Wirehaired Terrier (or shatever) feet? I know its on blocks but where are its long strong toes for moving dirt and rocks and heavy thick claws for digging. I guess it went the way of a wide head for brains.
I'll keep my little mutt JRTs and Ratties thanks very much.

Debi and the Jack/Rat Pack

Gaddy Bergmann said...

This would be art if the people were using clay, but they're not. They're messing up the health of living beings, so that makes it abuse.