Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Coffee and Provocation

It's Election Day
Vote and hope it matters.  The sad truth is that 42 rich white people account for 1/3 of Super PAC spending

Immortal Pets?
Rapamycin, a drug first isolated from soil taken from Rapa Nui (Easter Island), and since used as an anti-rejection drug following transplant surgery, may be the key to extending life for pets and people.

Pigeon Meets Hole
This zip code socio-demographic profiler will, allegedly, tell you the types that live in your community. Maybe.

81 Photos Of Vanishing Tribes Around The World
Terrific photos of the Last of the Mohicans from every continent. There's a sobering array of automatic and semi-auto weapons to be found among the feathers, beads, and wart hog tusks -- a reminder that in a world without taxes, every man is his own army and police force.

Grossed Out Republicans?
Virginia Tech researcher P. Read Montague says how folks react to disgusting pictures is a reliable indicator of whether people are liberal or conservative, which he claims is a biological. Believe it or not.

Jewel Wasps Have Stinger Missiles
 Jewel wasps use special sensors on their stingers to inject toxins directly into cockroach brains.

How to Figure Out Your Bike Frame Size
I am looking at used bikes now -- something a bit heavier than my street racer.  This size table is useful.

Solar is Soon Going to be the Cheapest Power Source
Everywhere.  Yes, everywhere and very, very soon.

Crash Test Dummies are Getting Much Bigger
Because we are getting much fatter.  Crash test dummy weights in the U.S. are going from 167 pounds to 270 pounds.

This is Why God Made the Internet
Have something you want made? CustomMade is an electronic matchmaker for customers with an idea and craftspeople with the skills, equipment, and experience to make it happen. Check it out!

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