Monday, August 04, 2014

Coffee and Provocation

HSUS's Positive Rating Replaced With Warning Letter 
Charity Navigator has always been a bullshit site using nonsense methodology, as I have noted in the past. That said, direct mail fraud groups have typically pointed to their positive ratings there as "proof" they are legitimate. One of those groups is (or was) the Humane Society of the U.S. which once had a 4-star rating with Charity Navigator, but then got downgraded to 3-stars. Now, following HSUS's payment of $15.75 million settle a racketeering lawsuit Charity Navigator has pulled all its stars and replaced it with a "Donor Advisory" warning. About time!  Of course, HSUS is still lying to its donors and Charity Navigator still uses nonsense methodology.

Dog Toy or Sex Toy?
Always a fun game.

Ebola v Rabies? 
The World Health Organization says Ebola is 'moving faster than our efforts to control it.' Of course, most outbreaks do that for the first few weeks they roll out, so there is less news here than it might first appear. And is Ebola any more contagious, more likely to be fatal, or more endemic anywhere than rabies is in the United States?

Write Like You Work for the CIA
Here's the secret... pass it on.

Florida Panthers are Back... and the Cattle Know It

Pocket Drones?
They're here already, and the U.S. Army has them.  They only fly for 20 minutes, but with massive improvements being made in battery chemistry, that's likely to take a leap in the near-future.

The Pledge of Allegiance Was a Marketing Scam

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Jenn said...

I'd never understood pledging to a flag, and not the country itself. So that makes sense, now.