Saturday, July 05, 2014

Misto Is In the House

Follow that truck!

I drove up to New York and back yesterday, with a fun couple of hours in Goshen with Adam K. and his spouse, Lucian, in the middle.

I liked Goshen -- beautiful little Catskills town with flat streets and gentle mountains all around.

The town was done up for the Fourth of July, and I took a brief tour of the local bagel establishment, streets with drop-dead gorgeous houses, and a sulky track, which was actually being used. A sulky track!  That's not something you see everyday in a small town! A delightful place, as was Adam and Lucian's lovely house. And did I mention Adam (a true gourmet cook) made bruschetta? True!

We chatted politics, dogs, Goshen, history, religion, immigration, houses, and puppies, and Adam took a nice picture of me with the four (now three) remaining pups which are bound out to other homes soon. Two pups had left just the day before.

More pictures later, but suffice it to say that Misto and Moxie are very different, as I knew they would be. Misto has a broad head, more of a pelt (lots of extra skin) and short legs, while Moxie has a narrow head (as girls will, in general), is much taller on the leg, and has much tighter skin. One, of course, is 10-weeks old (Moxie), and the other 8 (Misto).

The pups like each other right out of the sack, and after dropping them off in an x-pen to socialize, I came out to find them sleeping on top of each other.  More later. I seem to have a night pen to clean up!


seeker said...

I love his head and like his coat, sort of a cape (like Krypto). But I do have a personal and kinda stupid question. Do you register your dogs with the JRTCA and if so will he be registerable with all that color. I fostered an older male dog rescued from a breeder. He was not registered and I was told he couldn't be because he carried too much color. But he could be recorded if someone wanted to take him to trials to keep track of any points. Of course, he was to be neutered soon after. (He was HW positive so couldn't do it then.)
Just me being nosy as I know you don't show your dogs. Heaven knows the only papers my dogs have are on the floor.

Debi and the JackRat Pack.

PBurns said...

No, I have not registered my dogs in the past. Sailor was registered, and Gideon from his first owner/breeder. Don't show, don't breed, and don't need paper to hunt.

seeker said...

Amen to that! Papers don't mean a thing in the field. Like I said, just curious.
Thanks for the answer.

Debi and the JackRat Pack.