Thursday, July 03, 2014

A Caffeinated Little Terrier

I am driving up to New York tomorrow to pick up this little hellion who will be called "Misto."

Why Misto? The dog is colored like a coffee bean. I drink coffee every way it is served, but at Starbucks I generally order a Misto, or what in France is called a café au lait, and in Mexico or Spain, a café con leche.

Misto is the masculine form for the word "mixed' in Italian, and a cane di razza mista is a cross- or mixed-breed dog.

This particular puppy, of course, is pure Jack Russell, which is to say that it will be defined by what it does, same as Moxie, his young "sister from a different litter."

Oddly enough, I will be in Italy next week sipping down real Mistos in the foothills of Tuscany.

Sorprendente! Chi avrebbe mai immaginato?


Gina said...

Congratulations, again!

Fall Charmz said...

hello blogger from another mother - well I love the name Misto - and Moxie - and I enjoy your "word" choices and explanations - just brilliant! Have fun in Italy and…
gustare un caffè!!!

Oscar Cadena said...

North of Mexico we called Mixto.