Thursday, June 19, 2014

Moxie's Got Game!

The new puppy, Moxie, is doing really well. 

Last night she and Marley were playing on the bed, and Moxie was doing a full on attack. Marley, God bless him, took it all in spirit, but Moxie was approaching Marley like she was a lion taking down a Cape Buffalo. 

She leaped high, came down on top of Marley's back, grabbed a fold of skin, and then threw herself backward in order to pull Marley over. It was impressive. And for an 8-week old puppy, amazing. Moxie's got game!

I had taken a bit of rawhide that Marley was a little  too interested in stealing from Moxie, and shoved it in my pocket to get it out of temptation's way. Moxie somehow smelled it, found it, and then started to try to scratch her way into the pocket from the top. The whole things got comical when she abandoned scratching her way in from the top (it was clearly not working), and decided the best way in might be to tunnel down through my crotch.  

My wife watched the whole thing and shook her head laughing. Yes, there is a code that explodes inside the body of a working terrier, and by God she had just seen it express itself in the last two minutes!

This morning, Moxie climbed an entire flight of stairs all by herself. This is akin to me jumping up a 12 story building by leaping up one floor at a time. It was another impressive act.

Moxie is so small you would not think she could do anything at all, but "the fire called desire" burns brightly inside her.  Yes, I have high hopes!

This gorgeous little male is available and out of the same litter as Moxie.


concretenprimroses said...

She's a beauty.

nazzar s said...

its cute :)

wisconsin cur said...

Very cute.

At ten weeks our patterdale started playing "evict the cat from her den." The den was a cube like those found in cat towers.

It is fun to watch and luckily, after the first few episodes, the cat developed a sense of fatalism about it.

seeker said...

I love it when a pup shows it all! Snickers was stalking Jessie, our other female, and jumped her causing much noise and excitement. A friend was over and stated 'he was acting agressively'. No, he's a Jack/Rat and is acting like one. I explained. 'Oh, if he were mine, I'd punish him.' I then told her to never ever get a terrier as God and genetics made them that way.
Good job Moxie. You are one hot little baby.

Debi and the TX Jack/Rat Pack.