Thursday, June 19, 2014

Coffee and Provocation

Future Pets
They said we would have pet robot dogs, miniature horses, genetically-engineered miniature rhinos, snakes, dinosaurs, and (craziest of all) no pets at all. Nope. We mostly have just dogs and cats.

Global Green
India is going to plant 2 billion trees along their highways.

Kentucky Mayhem with Canine Goodness
A small house fire in Louisville, Kentucky, quickly spread when a woman tried to extinguish it with water from her dog's bowl, not knowing that her daughter had filled the bowl with gasoline.

Moore's Law Has Hit a Plateau
It had to. You cannot double the brain power of a computer chip every 18 months forever. Gordon Moore's "law" has had a good 50-year run. The push now is not for more computational power, but making chips that need less electrical power. Will we see a Moore's law in that arena too? 

The Terrapin is a Camper You Can Build
Beautiful, simple, and adaptable to any truck.

Someday this Blog will be Written by a Robot

New Mexico Chicken Fight

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