Monday, June 09, 2014

Coffee and Provocation

Weed Coffee
Coffee infused with Marijuana is the bone-headed idea that stumbled out of some smoke-choked room in Washington State. Selling for $11 a bottle, the cold brew coffee is supposed to come with 20 milligrams of THC, "roughly the same amount as in half a joint".  Only legal in Washington State and Colorado... for now.

Unclear on the Subject
Judge asks "traditional marriage" advocates if they have read the Bible or studied history or other cultures:"You Know 'Traditional' marriage was polygamy, right?"

Eating the Brains of PETA Donors Cures Cancer.
That is a much truer statement than the latest PETA campaign.

Gun Nuts Getting Nuttier
Fearing a rising backlash, the NRA is urging gun activists to stand down and not walk into family restaurants with AR-15s slung over their backs. Or at least, they were urging self-restraint and common senses until their leadership cut and ran like cowards. Meanwhile, no one has explained why it's not OK, under "stand your ground" for someone to simply pull out a handgun and shoot someone dead who walks into a restaurant with an AR-15. My guess is that the typical NRA member would say that was perfectly fine -- provided the person with the AR-15 was black or Hispanic

You Can't Keep a Good Wino Down.
The remarkably tenacious Michael Malloy.

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