Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lights Out for AC/DC ?

The above video has been seen over 25 million times.  

AC/DC has rocked the world since 1973. The band survived the loss of lead singer Bon Scott from alcohol poisoning in early 1980, but came back that same year with singer Brian Johnson to produce Back In Black, their tribute album to Bon. Now word has come that after a stroke, 61-year old guitarist Malcolm Young is seriously ill and will never perform live again, and that the band, now fronted by Johnson but founded and always lead by brothers Malcolm Young and Angus Young, may retire for good. There is one small possibility of survival: Alex Young's son, Stevie, replaced Malcolm Young in 1988 when Malcolm took time off to dry out from his alcoholism, and things continued to flow without a hitch. Could that happen again? Probably not, but never say die with this band.

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