Monday, April 14, 2014

Blue River Dog Food is The Best

This Saturday Night Live skit is not all that funny as it is way too over the top and misses the less frenetic and funnier story, which is that dog food fanatics are really telling us about how they see themselves.

Dog food debates are not really about canine health, as no dog food has ever been shown to be better than any other. When someone tells you they have "switched to Blue River" or some other just-invented lick and stick brand, what they are really telling you is that they want you to believe they have the "secret information" about dog food, and that they have a "special" relationship with "their" breed of "special" dog which, of course, makes them special and "in the know," and really so much smarter, better, and more caring than you and most other dog owners.

What makes this hysterical is when the person obsessing about dog food quality is carrying an extra 50 pounds themselves, made possible by a diet of junk food, fats, grains, and sugars.

You know what the most common and serious food-related illness associated with dog food is? Obesity brought on not by quality, but by quantity. Is that true for humans too? You bet-cha.

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SlimDoggy said...

We write about dog food and pet obesity a lot, so I watched you I was disappointed. I didn't even finish watching it. Just like people look for quick fixes for their own weight or health issues - they do the same for their dogs. Stopping the overfeeding is just as impt as what they are feeding them