Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Turtle and Hare on the Iditarod Trail

Seavey and Zirkle chatting it up at a mandatory rest stop.

Aliy Zirkle loses to Dallas Seavey in the Iditarod when she waits out a snow storm at the next to last stop and Dallas Seavey, coming from three hours behind, blows through that same stop and keeps on going through the storm, just as it was done in the first Iditarod (that would be the one with the serum).

Good story, great people, unbelievable dogs.

Dallas Seavey's lead dogs.

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geonni banner said...

I was really pulling for Aliy Zirkle, but it was not to be. Amazing race. My hat's off to anyone with the nads and the team to run.
And congratulations to Dallas Seavey!