Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Double Rainbow with Trout and Ice

The Outdoor Life blog
posted this video of two ice-fishing gentlemen, 20 miles out on Lake Superior, who hook into a monster 40-inch-plus lake trout. They note that "It's like the ice fishing version of double rainbow." And it is.  The video ends very nicely too. America at its best.


River P said...

Hmmmm, whats the point? To maim a fish and set it free. Isn't the point to eat it? I certainly would've.

PBurns said...

River, it sounds like you do most if your fishing in the frozen food section if the aisle. If you don't know why folks do catch and release, of that it is required of some species, then you do not actually fish. See http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catch_and_release

River P said...

Not that old hoary chestnut...."then you dont".

I grew up fishing on the wild coasts of Africa. My father used to take us on month long fishing trips in the old landrover three dogs and bearers. We ate our fish and shared with the bearers who dried most of it to take home.

Nothing in the world like a fresh ocean fish. If images were allowed I could show you a whopper I caught this Christmas off the rocks, all cleaned and gutted waiting for the griller.

BTW where Im living now everyone buys fish from great water tanks in supermarkets, live fish. They wouldn't touch a dead or frozen number.

We also had a boat which we took out to get tuna and barracuda which my mum bottled or pickled and etc.

Sport fishing to me is unbelievably stupid. It helps not to try and actually hook species you can't eat.

Yes certain species have restrictions in certain countries on size and species, undersized, wrong season etc these are released if accidentally caught.

What's the point of tiring a fish to almost death with a painful hook in it's mouth just to release it? Pure ego trip.

Horrible. Same with shooting, wild pigeon, guinea fowl, franklin all good eating things we shot as youngsters.

Who would shoot a bird for fun and throw it away???

It helps not to assume everyone posting here is a bunny hugger, surely?

PBurns said...

River, you clearly know very little about fishing. Catch and release has been practiced for longer than you have been alive, is the NORMAL way of fishing freshwater fish in the country in which you live. You do not know this? If you had bothered to go to the link I provided, you would see that almost all of the fish caught and released with a mouth hook (99.5 percent on artificials) recover without any problem at all. And you think lake trout is an ocean fish? Nope. Not much ice fishing on the ocean below the Arctic Circle. If you had actually watched the video you would seen these fellows kept the smaller fish (they are dead on the ice and in nearly every frame) but let this monster breeder with great genes go. No, you don't fish. Not really. You may have landed a few fish, but that's not quite the same thing is it? If you fished, you would know all I said and a great deal more. And, for the record, you do not fish to put fish on your plate, any more than you shoot to put bird on your plate. Sorry, but a real fisherman and a real shooter knows that. You literally do not know what fishing or hunting are about or why people do it.

PBurns said...

To learn more about trout fishing in your own country, see >> http://www.wildtrout.org/content/wild-trout-fishing where you will find:

"Wild trout are a precious resource and filling the freezer with them is not sustainable! Wild trout that are caught and released carefully will live to breed and be caught again. Catch-and-release can make a huge difference to the quality of fishing on a wild fishery."

River P said...

You are a laugh a minute that's to say politely at least that your arrogance and ignorance has a lighter side.

Trout are a pest species in "my country" we can fly fish for them when ever we want. To hook and kill a fish that size would be considered doing the eco system namely river, stream a huge service.

Very few people if any practise catch and release fishing in Africa are you insane! It's a valuable source of protein. BTW People with fishing rods who fish off the shore in the ocean do no damage to fish stocks at all in most parts of the world. In ours very little as fishing with rods has never historicaly been popular. Commercial fisheries do damage though. Not only that all bird shooting in Europe is for eating.....maybe you lot out in America only do vermin control when you go "hunting" ?

We dont see hunting, shooting, fishing as a trophy sport. This is the twisted aspect encouraged and paid for by punters with bucks from "foreign" countries.

Ha ha ha where I live and work now you can't even find a frozen farmed trout......I wish. I love a nice little trout for dinner preferably rainbow straight fom the stream.

Its a big world out there? Stop making assumptions about people countries you obviously know nothing about. You are telling a total stranger they don't fish ha ha ha.

It's the small fish they should be throwing back if any ha ha!

PBurns said...

You make my case. Lives in UK, does not know difference between fresh and salt, does not know law and practice in own country. Does not even know why people hunt and fish. Simply rolls over links without reading. Troll or pretender? Either way, a time waster. Goodbye!