Friday, January 31, 2014

More Fakery from Animal Planet

The "Call of the Wildman" television show on Animal Planet is stock full of fakery, as I have noted in the past (see "Faking It With the Turtleman")

Now, it turns out that the animals on the show are typically procured from fur farms or trappers and at least some of the animals are drugged before they are put in faked "rescue" situations or on to sets tailored to mimic some hillbilly location.


Not me!

This is hardly the first time "reality" television has put up wildlife fakery.  

As I have noted in the past, Steve Irwin was a big, fat liar and the "wolf man" show was actually filmed at a pathetic little zoo in England inside a cage, and starring a fellow was actually a loser in a trailer who abandoned his wife and kids.

And then there is the laughable fake "Bear" Grylls who purported to rough it and teach survival, but who actually spent his nights in fine hotels, often only a few hundred yards from a road.


Unknown said...

Well here is some good news on wildlife in the media. Some years ago Animal Planet produced Wildlife Emergency hosted by Ed Clark, president of the Wildlife Center of Virginia. They had several successful seasons but then Animal Planet wanted them to spice it up a bit. Clark said "no way in hell" we are here to help wildlife, not exploit them, and ended the show. The Wildlife Center is an internationally renowned teaching hospital and lives by its ethics. Yea team!

Gwen Meshorer

geonni banner said...

Yup. Even National Geographic Magazine's "wild" animals are sometimes studio shots with "rent-a-pumas" or other critters. They got busted on it awhile back, and admitted it.