Friday, January 04, 2013

Six Gun Facts

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Seahorse said...

There it is again, that stoopid term "forcible rape". I suppose it's an attempt to differentiate from "statutory rape", which is a crime against the statute (with two willing participants), but it certainly raises my blood pressure. Oh, were you saying something about guns?


PBurns said...

The term "forcible rape" is the term the FBI uses in its violent crime catagory. It is a longstanding term, used exactly as you said, to differentiate it from statutory rape, which can get a little complictated between two willing 11 graders, especially after a violent fundamentalist father claims his pregnant daughter must have been raped because she otherwise would never have had sex. The FBI and local police are pretty good about figuring it out, and as a consequence a lot of 16 and 17 year old boys are not in jail because of weak girls and their domineering fathers.

The term got politicized in the recent abortion debate, and both sides took it hostage. It is, however, a useful criminal differentiation.

lance said...

Unfortunately your man BHO pulled off the thin mask and showed that he is the gun grabbing, tax and spend, big government liberal he always obviously was. Oddly the republican controlled state houses in presidentially blue states may improve things for the future by apportioning their electoral college votes. Anything that creates a need to speak to the true center in this country can't be a bad thing. I would really like to cast a vote for president that doesn't make me nauseous one day!!!!