Monday, December 03, 2012

Part of the Watershed Near the House

The creek down to the river.


oldgreymare said...

Is this the creek that runs under Military Road? If so, I used to walk it all the time with my dogs. I was just thinking about it today for some reason. Odd, no? I remember seeing a large copperhead to the side of the path once and also the frequent encounter with the fox who would sit silently watching the walkers go by. I live in Warrenton now and have not been on this path for probably 20 years. Thanks for the pic. Lorri

PBurns said...

Yes, probably. This is Gulf Branch, which runs up into Zachary Taylor Park and down to connect to the 100-acre woods that is Potomac Overlook regional park which, in turn, connects up down to the 300 miles of park land along the Potomac palisades. Windy Creek is my other common access point, which is even closer to the house, but the cliff wall there has degraded to the point that is difficult to get down to the river.