Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ermine in the Chicken Coup

If you're a chicken, you're going to die soon enough.  Of all the ways to die, Death by Ermine may be the best end.  What a story to tell when you get to the Big Chicken Coop in the sky!

These great pictures are courtesy of David Cunningham, who hopes to exclude this little bugger and keep him alive and patrolling for the occasional rat around the outbuildings.  If the dogs catch him, however, it will be quick work, and nothing to be done.  But what a death for an Ermine!  Death by Terrier, Wolf Dog and Wolf Hound while stealing chickens!  Now, there's a great story for the Great Warren in the Sky!


Dan said...

To be honest, if I saw an ermine around my chicken coops, even if it couldn't get in, I'd be worried. I would at that point start setting Fenn Mk 4 vermin traps in tunnels around the place, set alongside walls and so on.

Doing that, I'd take a toll on the rats about the place but I'd also be quite likely to knacker quite a few stoats and the like knocking about; set in tunnels the dogs would be at no risk from such traps.

Marie said...

I don't know he's so adorable I would probably supply him with chickens lol.