Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Please Proceed, Governor"

Got Game? 

A visual depiction of the debate last night, with Mitt Romney as groundhog.   Yes, that's blood on the dog, but no it's not the dog's blood. 

As Chris Rock put it:

President Obama just combined the epicness of the ending of Braveheart, Gladiator, and Shawshank Redemption into one act.  Obama didn't even need to hold up Bin Laden's head."


Jon said...


I love reading your blog because of everything you have to say - about dogs.

About your politics, if I'm to remain polite, all I can say is...stick to the dogs.

Curtis said...

I'll tell ya, I hadn't planned on watching the debate, but glad I ended up doing it anyway. Romney must be walking funny today, what with pieces of Obama's foot still stuck up his ass.


PBurns said...

Jon -- I write about what I want, and say "fuck you" to the readers who don't like it.

Surely you know that by now?

Jon said...

Gosh, Pat, I realize that, and can't say how delighted I am to learn my beloved Virginia appears to be finally returning to her political senses despite your presence there!

Back at ya, my genteel friend!

PBurns said...

Jon, one reason I advise people on this web site to "use the Google" is it helps prevent them from looking like idiots.

If you HAD used the Google, you would know Virginia is still in the Obama camp (as is the nation) and so too is the Senate (as is the nation).

For the President, see >>

For the Senate, see >>