Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Larry Morrison Over Time

Larry and the great little dog Sailor.  This was taken the first day Larry and I met, and Sailor was about 10 months old.  I have never seen a finer dog in the field.  She worked hundreds and hundreds of holes and was as solid, reliable, and useful as a good pocket knife.  She was also the love of my life.
Larry and Mountain Girl as a puppy.  Mountain was out of Key (Qui), one of Larry and Linda's little bitches.  I said if there was a small smooth, patch-eyed girl in the litter,I wanted to make a claim.  There was;  lucky me!

Larry and Mountain Girl today.  Mountain is now past 10, and still working up a storm. She loves every minute of her time in the field, and she ripples with muscle despite her age.  She has shown Gideon and many other dogs the ropes, and she can go all day in the field.  Like all my dogs, she has a maniacal love of squeaky balls.
As for Larry, he looks exactly the same.  Can you believe these pictures span 13 or 14 years?  When Larry first met me, I had hair!  What's totally unfair is that he still does!


Seahorse said...

Great photos. Tell us again how big the girls are/were. I remember years ago someone on this blog, a man, said he didn't think you loved your dogs. So VERY glad you finally put it as simply as you did, calling Sailor "the love of my life". It's always been clear to anyone remotely paying attention.


PBurns said...

Lol. Someone who has never met me, or even met anyone who has ever met me. Some people live fantasy lives some llve real ones.