Saturday, October 06, 2012

Little Dog Meets the Bigs

David Cunningham. writes to say he's just gotten his first Patterdale Terrier, and she's a small genius. No surprise there -- working terriers have to be smart to survive.

To see where this dog fits into David's pack take a look at the picture at top. And that giant dog is not the only canine horse on the lot -- David's a serious big dog man who has several dogs of different breeds and types, any one of which could star in Hound of the Baskervilles. But you watch. That Patterdale will outsurvive all the others! David's going to join Terrier Nation soon enough!  

For those into horror/suspense novels, David has published his first novel, Chimera, available here.  Just $3.00 and delivered instantly to your Kindle, E-reader, or Iphone.  Check it out!


Jenn said...

Does he have a blog? I'd love to see more pics of this terrier.

I keep going round and round on my pound dog. Maybe she's a terrier, no, maybe she's a min pin, no, maybe she's a terrier... I'm pretty sure she's mixed with chi - no terrier ever had a tail curl like this one, but that's the only thing about her that has any chi about it. Attitude? Terrier.

This pic could be her. Build, check. Paws, check. Short fine coat, check. Face, check. Are this dog's paws webbed?

Really would like to see more pics of this dog!

Jenn said...

My dog.

PBurns said...

Nice. How big and how old?

Jenn said...

She's 12 pounds, spans 16 at the girth. She's somewhere past two years at this point.

She's drivey but has never worked on vermin. I'm in Phoenix. Not too many gophers here. And the rattlers here tend to stand their ground. Not as bad as the Mojave rattlers (please all powers that be I NEVER want to encounter one of those demons in the wilds) but pretty tempting to a terrier.