Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Coffee and Provocation

Coffee - I've Been Doing It Wrong:
Apparently, it's time for me to go "Mr. Wizard" with the magic beans.  Corrie Doctrow, over at Boing Boing says I need to go to cold brew and he details how to make it, complete with portable breast milk bags if I want to make a roadshow of it (not sure I do).  Corrie writes:  "I fucking love cold-brew coffee. Sorry, but strong sentiments demand strong language. Cold-brew coffee is extracted at room temperature or below, and is substantially less acidic than even the best hot coffee. The low-temperature extraction preserves the very volatile aromatic acids, and cold-brew coffee has a lot of chocolaty, caramel notes that are scrummy. Cold-brew tastes very strong, but without any bitterness, and is ferociously caffeinated. A couple glasses of cold-brew turn me into an ALL-CAPS TWEETING HYPERACTIVE SUPERHERO."  Yep, that's the medicated effect I am after.  And apparently, making cold brew is as simple as dirt too.

Tae Bo With Jack Russell:
And it's even worse with Zumba.
Please Move the Deer Crossings:
Listen to this one.  And yes, they are allowing this lady to vote in the next election, same as you.

Get some.  Nothing is sexier than gratitude.
Muffin Pan Omelettes:
A quick way to get your daily dosage of soul-satisfying cholesterol even when you are on the go and running late.  Nice.
The Great Badger Battle:
Over at Scientific American, they note: "Here are the facts. For more than a decade, bovine TB has been on the rise in Britain. To control the disease, which can spread to humans through contaminated milk, cattle are routinely screened and infected animals are destroyed. And, uncomfortable as it is for animal-lovers, killing large numbers of badgers does help to reduce levels of bovine TB."
The Most Interesting Man in the World Was a Red Shirt:
Jonathan Goldsmith, the fellow behind the Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man in the World ad, once played a Red Shirt in the Star Trek episode The Corbomite Maneuver. And guess what?  He didn't die!  Of course he didn't.  He is the Most Interesting Man in the World.  Dying as a Red Shirt has been done!
Selling New Zealand:
Thomas Edison for the 21st Century:
He's American, he's alive, and he's interesting.
Sanctions in Iran are Working:
Steve Hanke estimates that Iran’s monthly inflation rate has reached 70%.  Monthly.  In short, they are f*rked. Obama has already wiped them up.  They're dead and just don't know it yet.
Black Mamba Venom Is the New Pain Medication:
Supposedly, no side effects.  They said that about Vioxx too.  Whoops!
Send This One to Three People Today:
A true history and a great video from animator Lucas Gray who helps make The Family Guy and The SimpsonsWatch it, Facebook it, send it to a friend


Curtis said...

Corrie is 100% correct!

I started cold brewing coffee this spring, and was so amazed I wrote a blog post about it. I'm completely hooked! My only problem is, I'm sensitive to caffeine so I can only drink a few cups a day.

You could have linked to my blog, y'know, ;)

PBurns said...

Give us the URL... am on cell phone alone tonight.