Saturday, September 15, 2012

Zeus, World's Tallest Freak Dog

Zeus is the World's Tallest Dog, and stands at 44 inches at the shoulder. The good news is that they have him on video, because Great Danes are dead at age seven, on average.

Freaks often die early, and the creation of freakishly large dogs like Great Danes results in much-shortened life spans.


geonni banner said...

That Dane's legs are just awful. I think 7 is really optimistic for a life span for that one.

pinke.paints said...

I was horrified when I saw this in the newspaper.
m. p, neck, Houston, Texas

Stoutheartedhounds said...

He looks like he might have been neutered at an early age, which can cause dogs to grow taller than they normally would and end up with horrible structure as this dog has.