Friday, September 14, 2012

Is There Another One In There?



John said...

When hunting tow terriers like this do the ever challenge each other at the hole or become possessive of it? If not with your own two dogs, how about dogs who only come together to hunt.? If this happens, how do you correct it?

PBurns said...

My dogs know each other pretty well and are tolerant of each other, but occasionally one or the other will get a little possessive of the dead, especially if one dog is dragging the corpse a bit making it look like it is still alive. A growl or two is about all that comes out of it. The dogs will try to be the first in the hole sometimes, but whoever gets in first owns the hole unless they are pulled. As a general rule there are no problems, and a dog that is fighting in the field is generally one that does not know his or her job yet. Real possession fighters are rare and tolerance is pretty low. When you have loose dogs, it’s best to stake or tie them off to avoid confusion (which can lead to accidents) or a dog that will go off self-hunting (which can lead to long searches). I would like to say that everything works perfectly all the time, but that would be a lie.