Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coyote Den?

This was a very big den pipe. It has clearly been used, but just as clearly it's not in service at the moment.

This den is located near permanent water (about 100 yards from a river) and I think it might be a coyote den despite the horizontal lay of the entrance.  This entrance is larger than the fox dens I have dug on in the past, and the hole stayed big as far down as I could see or feel.  This is a hard-dirt area, so erosion is not much of a factor.

I remember this den from a few year back, and it was not as big a bore hole back then and held fox.  Something has clearly enlarged it, and used it rather heavily.


Nora said...

Hey, Terrierman--did you see this?

PBurns said...

No, I had not.

Merle is complex set of genes and does not always act exactly the same from one breed to another, but as a general rule there is no reason to breed for it and every reason to breed against it.

I got in a rather lengthy fight once with a crazy lady who was breeding merle-coated Jack Rusells and selling them as "Atlas Terriers" because she got the gene stock from all over the map (I could not make that up).

This is what happened to her >>


Nora said...

Actually, I agree. I have a blue merle Sheltie--but I think it's unfortunate that the Kennel Club (and actually certain breed clubs ) found it necessary to disallow registering the results of merle/merle breedings. Every Sheltie book I have ever read cautions heavily against it, and yet there are breeders, seeking flashier blues, who are willing to do it to get a decently healthy stud to breed from. It just seems really unnecessary.

Angie Shelton said...

What did you find out on your underground den? Was it coyote? My grandparents have several in the pasture right next to a creek.

PBurns said...

This was some time back and I cannot even remember what farm this was on, but I have yet to find a coyote to ground. Fox pretty regularly.