Friday, March 09, 2012

Why the Clumber Failed

The Clumber Spaniel failed Crufts because of bilateral ectropion, i.e. the turning out of the eyelid (usually the lower eyelid) so the inner surface is exposed.   We see this a lot with dogs with lots of wrinkles and excess skin on the face -- Bulldogs, Clumbers, Bassetts, Shar Peis, St. Bernards, Newfies, Bull Mastiffs and the like.  It is one of the reasons Clumber's were put on a breed health watch list.

No word on why the Bulldog or Pekingese failed, but it hardly matters, as health is now a disqualifier for some breeds at Crufts, and if it's for the obvious breed problems great, but if it's for smaller ones great too, as that suggests there may be problems with ALL the dogs being put up as "champions".

Remember these dog shows are for breeding purposes, and ectropion is clear, visible, genetic defect associated with damage to the eye and pain to the dog. 


Little White Dogs said...

I'm so glad to see an actual PAPER! so much is going around about an old scar on the eye, and a possible cataract, that the dog "fancy" is seeing this as a joke and a waste. i'm glad to see that it wasn't the conjunctivitis, nor the ear infect (which ear infections that are chronic are linked to allergies.... and genetics) but something that a judge SHOULD have caught, and escaped embarassment. Perhaps the judges should be trained to see these things which may not be in the standard, but affect the dogs quality of life.

Debra said...

Fascinating reading. Wandered over to the bulldog stuff and took a look at the mating eyes! My eyes!

cinnamon2005 said...

The Mastiff also failed the vet check.

Susan said...

This sort of thing is long overdue. Breeding for appearance (in any species or breed) encourages breeding for extremes (if a little is good, a lot is better). Breeding should be for purpose and suitability, which will include health, soundness, and temperment.