Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Celebration of Defect, Disease and Deformity

The poofters at the Westminster Kennel Club have chosen and this is what they chose:

  • An ugly dog that looks like a cross between a dust bunny and a badly trimmed  three-toned nylon wig from the 1960s.
  • A flea magnet.  Yes this is the "function" that this dog was bred for.
  • A dog that has a smashed in face so severe it cannot breathe.
  • A dog so incapacitated by its smashed face that it had to be carried to ringside.
  • A dog visibly panting with its tongue hanging out from simply walking across the carpet.
  • A dog so overheated from walking across the carpet that it had to be placed straight away onto a bag of ice in order to cool it down so it did not pass out ringside.

Welcome to the Westminster freak show where the ignorant, the incompetent, and the pretenders show up to "celebrate" dogs by cooing over the deformed, the diseased, and the dysfunctional.


SecondThoughtsOptional said...

Well you have to admit that flea catching is something a pekingese can still do admirably. ;)

What's not so funny is that the dog is going to be extensively bred and in the decade that it lives (and frozen sperm is available) thousands of owners are going to spend considerable sums keeping alive little dogs that just can't breathe.

Zed said...

An excellent winner.

That monstrosity is a superb poster boy for the Kennel Club and perfectly sums up everything that is wrong with pedigree dogs.