Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This is Not a SOPA Protest

I do not know enough about SOPA or PIPA to support or oppose, but I note that everyone from Wikipedia to Google are flying blacked out sites or logos to protest the proposed laws.

Rather than jump on a bandwagon that I know nothing about, I am simply posting a nice black square.

This is what inside of a den looks like to a working terrier.

There is no light at all -- there is only pure darkness, and the beat of the dog's own heart, and the faint beat of another up the tube.

There is only the scent of fur and urine, water and mold.

There is only the sound of my shovel above, and perhaps the growls, clicking teeth, and rumble of rock and dirt ahead.

This is the world of the working terrier.


Water Over The Dam said...

With a run-down of info. Or check out slashdot.

Leema said...

Ha! Gold!

Ana said...

Eddie also breeds 14'" KC registered dogs, and you can get a big dog with a small, correct chest. That's why it's so important that the chest is oval shaped and compressible, and the ribcage isn't too short.

The big problem are barrel shaped or slab sided chests, that aren't compressible, those are the ones that are useless, even if they are tiny. And they are very hard to breed away from.

PBurns said...

Your comment was posted in the wrong place.

Yes, Eddie (or Eddie's wife, it should be said) breeds large KC registered dogs for profit -- he started that AFTER he quit digging. But can you span those dogs? No, and here's why: a terrier that is 14" tall has a 16" chest or better. Shape and flexibility is interesting, but far less important than actual SIZE of the chest, and you cannot get a small chest on a big dog and have it actually have any bone or stamina -- it will end up looking like an Italian Greyhound. Span a fox and you will find they max out at 14" spans and that's for a pretty big dog fox. Now, if you are digging on badger settes with a fox inside, you can go bigger, which I have noted. But, of course, if your dog can ONLY get into badger sette, you have limited use of that dog. Eddie says he has never spanned a fox with a chest larger than 14" and I have not either.