Friday, October 28, 2011

Coffee and Provocation

Which Pet for You?
The folks who make infographics have come up with a flow chart that helps readers pick which sort of pet would be best for their individual lifestyle. I was braced for it to be total crap, but it's surprisingly well done!

Betty White Wants Her Dog on the Orvis Calendar:
And to be honest, if I was making the decision, that dog would be on that cover now.  I looove me some Betty White!

Hunting Is Not a Sport:
I agree with Chas Clifton over at Southern Rockies Nature blog even though I do carry over 50 pounds of tools into the field and I have to dig my dogs out of the ground.  Baseball is a sport.  Dog showing and hunting are not.

In the Future Your Robot Will Scoop Your Dog's Poop:
They have already built the machine.  Yes, this is the culmination of all human effort up to this point... that and computer porn.

Look Up and Wave Your Glove:
A terrific video on falconry directed by Matthew Huston.

Airstream Porn:This is a flickr set of 54 photos of an "Adirondack" Airstream.  I am not ashamed to say I want one!

Kate Holmes Can Keep a Secret
She says mum's the word, but fox hunting is still going on all over the U.K. and it's entirely legal.

This Could Change Starbucks Forever:
A commercial version of the Philips Saeco Xelsis Digital ID could change the economics of Starbucks forever, as it is the first coffee machine to use fingerprint recognition to identify how you like your coffee. Once you select your poison and "train" the local machine with three taps of your finger on a pad, it will remember your order, including strength and amount of milk and froth.

This Probably Won't:
The AeroShot is an inhalable caffeine "shot."  Sorry, but I want to drink my coffee while reading a newspaper, not huff it while running a red light. 

A Back Country Intimacy Kit?
This "Back Country Intimacy Kit" does not come with a bar of soap or a shower. It does, however,  come with a ridiculous price tag.

Edgar Allen Poe Was an Incestuous Pedophile?
I came across a list of famous people who married their cousins.  Buried within that list was the creepy tale of a 20-year Edgar Allen Poe who fell in love with his 7-year old cousin and married her when she was only 13.

Calamari Rings As Big as Tractor Tires:
What's bigger than a Giant Squid?  How about an even larger species called a Colossal Squid?  The first adult was landed intact off of New Zealand, and it was 33 feet long and weighed 990 pounds.

Is There Another Mountain Lion Loose in Connecticut?
Maybe.  After you've already had one come over from South Dakota, another one showing up does not seem quite as crazy.  Plus it was an Animal Control Officer that saw the animal, not an old lady off her meds, or a young man on his.

The Source of the Mystery Feet Is Found:
For years, severed feet, almost always with a tennis shoe attached, have been found along the coast of the Pacific Northewest. Now the source of the mystery feet has been discovered:  suicide-jumpers off a bridge.

Compared to What?
Who do you think gets paid more, the head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or the head of the Immigration Lawyers Association?  One has 200,000 employees (DHS), the other has 57 (ILA). Here's the answer that you already know.

Turtle Man Gets a TV Show:
Gap-toothed redneck Ernie Brown's YouTube  snapping-turtle catching videos went viral, and now Animal Planet has decided to give the Kentucky native his own reality show, Call of the Wildman.  It starts November 6th.  If Animal Planet wants to do a reality show on working terriers, all they have to do is call me.  Be advised, however, that I have all my teeth, I do not do rebel yells, and I do not work for free.

Good Question!
Here's a good question for the instant experts and the math challenged.

Steve Tyler is Not Aging Gracefully:
Just sayin'.

His Prison Name is "Crying Bitch Puppy":
Walter "Lone Wolf" Bond, 35, the lunatic animal rights activist who has "VEGAN" tattooed in large letters across his neck and is currently serving 5 years in federal prison for arson and animal rights terrorism, just got another 87 months tacked on to his sentence. 


Amanda S said...

I've just been catching up with your blog, Patrick. I know there's some comment further down about the impact that having a starring role in a film or advert can have on the popularity of certain breeds. Here in Australia the most popular locally made film currently is called "Red Dog" which tells the story of a kelpie, a real working (and very handsome) breed. I think that you'll like this YouTube clip.

Hopefully people breeding Kelpies will ensure that these wonderful dogs get to live in suitable homes and not let them go to ones that can't provide the space, training or exercise.

Daniel Gauss said...

Re: Poe.. In this era of political correctness, and teachers teaching nothing more than how to pass a test, it's probably hard to believe that this story was once taught in the schools.. (at least in the liberal Ann Arbor school system I attended). I already knew this!

Cross Platform said...

Thanks for posting the link to the documentary "Look Up and Wave Your Glove"! Matthew Huston, its director, has taken the video down from Vimeo, but has put it up on his own company website: