Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Numbing Numbers

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This data is from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Check out the rise of Nigeria, versus the collapse of Russia.

Now look at U.S. population growth.

The projection is that the U.S. will add 112 MILLION people to it population in the next 40 years.

To put that number into perspective, that's a population larger that the entire population of the United States west of the Mississippi today.

And where is this population coming from?

Almost all of it is coming from immigration and the children of recent immigrants. 

When we talk about an "energy crisis" and "unemployment problems" here in the United States, it's worth remembering that both of these problems are greatly exacerbated by our open borders.

You would think that once this country found itself in a hole, it would know enough to stop digging, but you would be wrong. 


seeker said...

Talking to a Texas Gal about open borders is preaching to the choir. We see it happening every day. We don't mind legal immigrants. We like them a lot. However the illegal population is, well, amazing. Close our borders, Mr President. There is a giant sieve south of us and we are the sink.

Debi and TX JRTs

Ro Martinet said...

Hi, Terrierman!

Good post. It was wise to use maps and datasheets to present your argument; they make a strong impression.

I believe that immigration is one of the most crucial domestic policy issues of our time. Perhaps it is most crucial. Only climate change is more important--but that's more of a global issue.

I lived most of my life in Nevada. The communities there have been transformed and impacted by the influx of immigrants to a degree that even the most alarmist naysayer couldn't have predicted 20 years ago. Most of these changes have not been positive, and the state's political and bureaucratic infrastructure is, and always has been, inadequate to the address a problem of this magnitude.

My general orientation is left-of-center (sometimes radically so), and I have always been politically active. You can see where I'm going with this. When I state my opinions about immigration in a group of lefties--especially in NYC, where I live now--interesting things happen. As Chekhov would say, an angel of silence flies over the room. Even when I mention the issue within the context of environmentalism and labor, items near and dear to lefties' hearts. I don't understand how they keep their heads from exploding from cognitive dissonance.

I'm so fed up with it that I no longer trot out my liberal credentials when I talk about immigration, either. To hell with that defensive bullshit. I shouldn't have to prove that I am not a narrow-minded racist bigot before my position will be seriously entertained. The way that I live my life and the way I treat people speaks for itself.

Thanks again. I like your blog.

PBurns said...

I have been talking and writing about immigration for a long time --moer than 30 years now. It's a difficult topic, in part because there ARE real racists, just as there are FAKE and contrived accusations about racism.

Two older posts you might find of interest are this one about immigration and population growth
>> http://terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2006/06/drawing-line-at-border-for-wildlifes.html

and this one about global warming and population growth >>