Monday, June 20, 2011

Not an Idiot Wins Beauty Contest

The title to this post is as unlikely as "battle-scarred working terrier wins Crufts" but nonetheless, it has happened:  someone with an average brain has won the Miss USA contest.

The odds of a person with an average brain winning Miss USA were not very good. 

All 51 contestants were asked if evolution should be taught in US schools, and only two (TWO!) could bring themselves to answer yes.  But guess what?  One of those two has won! 

A good mind is always a sexy thing, and if a lady looks as fine as Alyssa Campanella of Los Angeles, who calls herself "a huge science geek," then even an adequate mind will do.

Sadly, however, most of this year's Miss America contestants proved to be as dumb as a stump.

One after another contestant like Miss Maryland, confused the evolution of species with the origin of life (not the same) or said a variation of Miss Michigan's line that it's "silly" and "ignorant" not to teach "both sides" including, evidently, religious views in public schools.

Three were flat out opposed: Miss Kentucky, home state of the Creation Museum; Miss Alaska who assures us "each of us was individually created by God for a purpose;" and Miss Alabama who doesn't believe in evolution.

That's right:  It's a headline when a beauty contest winner even knows what evolution is!  Please note that the headline to this post is not "Genius Wins Beauty Contest," but that "Not an Idiot" wins beauty contest.  

Such is the rarity of that event that it is being heralded in newspapers across the U.S.... same as if a healthy honest working dog won a major dog show.


HurricaneDeck said...

One of my dreams is to be the first terrier with an AWTA medal to win a Best of Breed at Westminster. :-)

And KUDOS to a smart and beautiful lady being crowned!

Bjarne´s aquarium blogg said...

I glanced trough the text and misread it as
"and Miss Alabama who doesn't believe in education."
But is probably true anyway...