Monday, June 20, 2011

The Memphis City Attorney Is an Idiot

The Memphis "Shelter"

Over in Memphis, Tennessee, they can't stop killing dogs in the pound, and NO they don't want anyone collecting donations to get more people to help spring the dogs (some of whom may need veterinary care), and NO they don't want anyone to talk about it either. 

They just want to kill the dogs, quick and quiet, as they have always done.

So when Shirley Thistlewaite at the YesBiscuit blog offered to raise money to help pay for veterinary care and to help spring dogs destined for the death chamber, the response from Memphis City Attorney Herman Morris Jr. was to threaten to hit her with a SLAPP suit

Only problem is that SLAPP suits (aka, "strategic lawsuits against public participation") are illegal under the Tennessee Anti-SLAPP Act of 1997.  Whoops!

Now, to be clear about the title to this post:  I have not done a medical intake on Memphis City Attorney Herman Morris Jr., so I cannot say for certain that he is a diagnosed idiot, i.e. someone with an IQ of less than 20. 

I am using the term "idiot" here in the colloquial sense of that word, i.e. a dolt, or dullard or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way. 

In short, I am pointing out that if the City of Memphis wants to bring more press attention to the fact that they are killing most of the dogs that come into their shelter (such as this story), there is no better way to do that than to have Memphis City Attorney Herman Morris Jr. shoot off a letter about something he has not taken the time to research.

In fact, I await my own letter!  Bring it on, moron. 


Seahorse said...

Geez, they must have learned all they know about running a "shelter" from PeTA. Shows this is just a job to these jerks.


jen said...

That anti-SLAPP law really makes him look like an idiot, I mean, even more so than threatening a blogger.

The Dog House said...

I love that they thought this would make it BETTER.

Thanks to you and all the big name pet blogger who have shared this story and created the buzz that the MAS story needed.

You hit the nail on the head - they handed Shirley the press on a platter. Love it!

GwpLady said...

Awesome Post! Thank you!