Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fifty five Pounds.

Fifty five pounds.

That's the official weight of what I carry into the field to dig on the dogs. I have often wondered, but never checked.  I just did.  It was easy enough:  sling the pack on my back with water bottles in it, shoulder the post hole digger and the bar.

The postie weighs 15 pounds I think, the bar another five, the shovel a little over 5, and the bar another 5.

Add to that a half gallon of water (about 4 pounds), and assorted stakes, collars, tie outs, two leashes, a root saw, two knives, a long-handled trowel, a scraper, a pole snare, a camera, a locator box, a machete, a small veterinary kit, two short lengths of parachute cord, an extra pair of leather gloves, a collapsible water dish for the dogs, a cell phone, collar tape, and the pack itself, and you have 57 pounds, which I have rounded down to 55 pounds as understatement beats overstatement most of the time.

No apologies.  I have used everything and been glad I had it, and it's mine to carry and I generally carry it alone.  I know how to shave weight in a rather extreme manner when it comes to backpacking, but when a dog's life is in the swing I do not want to wish for a tool to do the job, and I never have, and as a consequence I have never lost a dog underground.  Knock on wood.


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Seahorse said...

I knew it was heavy, but that's like toting a second grader on your back. Too bad the essentials are still best done in steel and not plastic. I guess it beats going to the gym, though!