Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coffee and Provocation

The Dog Toy That Survived the Pit Bull Chew Test:
I got a lot of suggestions a while back from readers of this blog, but the winner so far is a mail order Galileo bone.  The thing is so heavy it will break your toe if the dog drops it, but it lasts and lasts and my son's Pit Bull likes it quite a lot.  Perfect!  A total Pit Bull failure:  any and all Kongs.

Quite a Terrier Story:
In 1938 in Dubuque, Iowa, it took 12 guys 12 days of around the clock digging to get a 10-pound terrier out of the ground alive.  Iowa is a generally flat state with deep soil, but around Dubuque there are old lead and iron mines and old vertical works.

Idaho Needs to Cowboy Up When It Comes to Wolves:
Over at High County News Besty Marston writes about the people of Idaho going through a little introspection:  "Whiny, weak and what you might call wussy are adjectives that characterize too many people in Idaho today, complains the Idaho Mountain Express, and even some elected officials admit they're living in fear. What fills folks with such anxiety? Wolves -- which, according to one legislator, are loitering at the mailbox, holding innocent women hostage, and hovering near school bus stops, ready to gobble up children. So "with lightning speed," the state Legislature "rammed through" a bill that allows the governor to declare war on wolves whenever he feels they're threatening people, livestock, outfitters or wildlife. This trembling at the thought of the Big Bad Wolf is downright embarrassing, says the state's largest weekly paper: "The chance that someone will ride on a commercial airliner whose top will peel off or develop a hole is higher today than being attacked by a wolf." >> Read the rest!

Our Lefty Military:
God bless the gay-loving, universal-health-care-having, racially-diverse, sensible-pay, day-care-establishing, sucking-on-the-big-tit of Uncle Sam, U.S. Marine Corps! Is any other American institution more liberal?

Worst Horror Movie Ever:
The attack of the rabid beavers. And it's happening in Philadelphia of all places.

Dinosaur Fish:
A 234-pound alligator gar was bow hunted out of the Yazoo River in Mississippi.  Check it out!

Mona Lisa in Coffee?
Of course.  It only took the Australians 4,000 cups.

Remember Jayne Mansfield:
"Remember: Jayne Mansfield never went to Cannes in order to win the Best Actress award. She went to Cannes because that was where she could find the most cameras, so that when she bent over, her cleavage could get the widest exposure. Same thing here: Trump and Palin and Gingrich don’t run for president to become president: running is just the thing they have to do to create their brand." >> Read the rest!

Two Cow Parables:
The parable of the farmer with the two cows makes it to the Middle East.  Enjoy!


Viatecio said...

RE Dog toys, I have a friend with several pit bulls that enjoy chewing on and playing with Goughnuts. I've not yet invested in one, but they look relatively decent. Not as durable as a Galileo, though, but they sound like a more quality rubber than Kong. Kong has always had shortcoming, especially their "power chewer" varieties...the harder rubber just seems to get punctured more easily when it comes to a really determined chewer.

As for the military, there was a recent forum column in our paper about how the military is basically socialism in action. I'll have to dig it out later was an interesting read!

Jenn said...

Hmmmm. Bow hunting fish - good. I like.

This quote: "Man we were shooting them."

Okay. What was the total take that day? And where did the meat go?

Gar is edible, right? Make a nice fish stew, throw some langostino in there...

Nice they got a trophy fish. Wondering what the rest of the story is...

PBurns said...

There are still a lot of gar left in America, but not as many BIG gar like this. Not sure how edible they are, but as a general rule I think we need to "hunt small" and let the giants run free a bit more often. Of course, you cannot bow hunt enough carp!