Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maryland Goshawks

Watch the full episode. See more Outdoors Maryland.

This is a nice little video, which I have seen on TV in the past, but could not find on the Internet.  Problem cured!
Steve Huy, who is featured in the first segment, is (or was) a reader of this blog.  When he first emailed me a few years back, I mentioned that, as odd as it might seem, there was a Gyrfalcon (an Arctic species) hunting free on one of my farms -- no leg jesses at all that I could see.  His first question:  Was this right off New Design Road?  Yep, it was.  Steve know his stuff and does service work for science and conservation trapping and banding Maryland Saw-whets in the Fall.

The second clip is about Maryland Natural Resource officers who are supported, in large part, by state hunting and trapping licenses happily paid by people like me.  The simple truth is that we have the best wildlife managers in the world, and conservation law enforcement is a core part of the equation.

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