Saturday, March 12, 2011

Development of the Bulldog, 1906 Punch Cartoon

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The cartoon, above, is from the January 24, 1906 edition of Punch (page 67).  Howard Davies at Pointer Training Diary let me know of its existence in the comments on an earlier post, and I thought it so terrific I searched online for a larger version to display here.

The text is still a bit muddy, but it says:

Proud Producer:  ”There’s an animal for you! Seventeen Championship Cups and two hundred gold medals!

Eh? ‘ What is it?”

Why, the latest development of the Bull-dog, to be sure.

Eh? “not like a Bull-dog?“

Why, of course not! Where would be your development if it were? Why, Sir, in three more generations we’ll have him tailless, earless, toothless, and webfooted!”

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